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Recipe from the back of Trader Joe's Beluga Lentils:

4 oz pancetta, diced
8 oz goat cheese (I only went with four, since my stomach gets cranky with too much deliciousness)
Fresh herbs (I used dill)
Splash of milk or water
1/3 cup olive oil
Baguette cut into rounds
8oz Beluga lentils
1 large clove garlic

Brush bread rounds with olive oil and then toast at 350 degrees (or in your toaster oven, like me). Remove and let cool. Cut off end of garlic clove and rub on each slice - I was skeptical of this, but you can really taste the garlic with just that little bit. In the meantime, start browning pancetta. Add lentils in at the last few minutes to warm through. Add milk/water and herbs to goat cheese; mix until desired consistency.

When things have cooled, spread each crostini with goat cheese. Top with a spoonful of lentils and pancetta. Devour.


I live alone. I bit into one of these and said out loud, to no one in particular, "That is FUCKING DELICIOUS."

Then, because I am a clumsy person, I tilted the plate while trying to put it down and four of the rounds fell onto the cat-hair-infested carpet. My face: D: D: D:

But since it was SO GOOD, I pulled all the hairs off the fallen ones and ate them anyway. Still SO GOOD. :-D
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