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Sweet Thai Tea

I finally figured out how to make something like the "Thai iced tea" that you often get at Thai restaurants - that sweet, heavy, creamy tea with sort of a fuzzy bitterness to it, you know? Well, I approximated it tonight using Indian black tea, honey, and half-and-half. Note that milk will not work in this recipe, even whole milk, and neither will artificial sweeteners. The magic is in the honey and the fattiness of the cream - they combine to mellow out the bitterness of the extra-strong tea, and the result is the characteristic musty flavor.

Bring four cups of water (ideally, filtered, but tap water will also do) to a boil.

Remove from the heat and steep four teabags (or three tablespoons of loose-leaf), preferrably Ceylon black tea, for six minutes. Remove the tea (strain the liquid if necessary), and repeat with fresh tea.

Add two to four tablespoons of honey to taste, and mix well.

Pour the tea into four cups, and add a little cream or half-and-half to each. This is also to taste; it should be enough to make the mixture creamy, but it must not overpower the flavor of the tea, so be careful.

Serve immediately. Many restaurants serve it iced, but we found that it is much tastier and more fragrant when served hot.
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