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dragons_cook's Journal

The Adventures of a College Chef
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I'm a college student. I cook. So do my friends. We like to talk about it.
My name is aurus, and I like to cook.

I first moved into an apartment while in college, in autumn of 2007. Before then, I had never put much thought into cooking, but once I began preparing meals for myself and my roommates, I really started to enjoy it. I was going to create a cooking journal to share the recipes that I used and photos of the results, but it was suggested that I make a community so that others could do the same. By now, I and many of my friends have graduated, but our mutual passion for comestibles has not waned. So, if you're a friend, join. If you're a random stranger who also likes to cook, join. Photograph, post, comment, share recipes, or just lurk and enjoy.

Happy cooking!